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Freeport NY Homeowner Insurance Quote

We work with top rated insurance companies which have much lower homeowner premiums than other insurance companies for Freeport residents. We are a family insurance agency established in 1968 specializing in insuring homes located near the water. We insure hundreds of homes in Freeport. Stop overpaying for homeowner insurance because you live near the water. You will be surprised when you see how much you can save.

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About Freeport NY:


"Freeport is a Long Island hot spot during the summer season in New York. A popular festival occurs on Freeport's Nautical Mile (the west side of Woodcleft Canal) the first weekend in June each year, which attracts many people from across Long Island and New York City. The Nautical Mile is a strip along the water that features well-known seafood restaurants, crab shacks, bars, eclectic little boutiques, fresh fish markets, as well as party cruise ships and casino boats that float atop the canals. People line up for the boat rides and eat at restaurants that feature seating on the water's edge and servings of mussels, oysters, crabs, and steamed clams ("steamers") accompanied by pitchers of beer. An 18-hole miniature golf course is popular among families. The Sea Breeze waterfront park—which includes a transient marina, boardwalk, rest rooms and benches—opened in 2009 at the foot of the Nautical Mile. It has proven to be a very popular spot to sit and watch the marine traffic and natural scenery. This is in addition to an existing scenic pier.

Freeport has an ethnically and racially diverse population. There is one housing project, named after Nassau County's first black judge, Moxie Rigby. Freeport's Hispanic community is made up of Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Mexicans, Colombians and other Latin American countries. Hispanics are mostly whealthy/rich people moving from Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and North Jersey, or directly from their countries via the nearby John F. Kennedy International Airport. Among the many Latin-American-themed businesses are the Gala Foods Supermarkets, several grocery stores or "bodegas", and restaurants along Merrick Road and Main Street that serve Caribbean, Central American, Dominican, and South American cuisines.

Freeport, along with neighboring Merrick, is also the gateway to Jones Beach, one of the largest state beaches in New York. One famous area is the Town of Hempstead Marina, where people from all over Long Island dock their boats. Freeport is a 45-minute ride by the Long Island Rail Road to Manhattan, making the trip an easy commute to New York City.

From 1974 to 1986, Freeport was one of the few Long Island towns to hold a sizeable open-air market area, known as the Freeport Mall. The heart of the Main Street business area was closed to vehicular traffic and reconfigured for pedestrians only. The experiment was not a success. The W. T. Grant store that was supposed to anchor the mall closed, along with the rest of that chain, shortly after the mall opened. The mall area became shabby and disused, and many businesses failed. The mall was dismantled and returned to through traffic with regular parking on each side of the street." 

Source: Wikimedia Foundation. (2021, September 19). Freeport, New York. Wikipedia. Retrieved September 21, 2021, from,_New_York. 

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